Albanians in Australia, Integrating and Maintaining Ties with the Homeland

Albanians in Australia – Integrating and Maintaining Ties with the Homeland.

Second Conference, 9 Dec 2017, Melbourne.
This conference aims to gather in Melbourne representatives of the Albanian community, successful Albanians in state and public institutions in Australia, Albanian scholars and students working and studying in higher education institutions in Australia, entrepreneurs and Albanian athletes to discus the importance of integrating into Australian society whilst also maintaining ties with their homeland.

Through this conference, we aim to create a tradition of gathering important Albanian personalities from throughout Australia to talk about their experiences of integration in Australia and discuss ways of preserving the Albanian language, traditions and national culture, increasing mutual investments Australia-Albania, academic cooperation, health, pharmacy, truism, agriculture, mining, exploration etc; among Albanians themselves in Australia and between Australia and Albania and Kosovo. Such co-operation will result in developing closer ties between members of the Albanian community within Australia and will assist in their professional development. Such communication is considered as a common interest of the entire Albanian community in Australia and our homeland.

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