Strong and active presence of Albania in Australia.

This will create, promote and expand a compact and visible presence for Albania, in all aspects of political and cultural life in Australia through direct contacts with politicians, statesmen, businessmen and companies, extending further  and  informing the progress and needs of Albania and Albanians.

Economic cooperation between the two countries

Will create a belief that economic cooperation between Australia and Albania to be productive and profit for both parties. There will be a package acceptable reconciliation by taking into account perceptions of the two countries’ business culture, science and ethics, how effectively these concepts are transmitted and understood by the other party in order the process cooperation and ties to advance easily future.

Cultural cooperation between Albania and Australia

Establishment and expansion of cultural ties and transnational programs.

Intellectual and academic cooperation

Establishing links between academic institutions in Albania and institutions at the same level in different states of Australia, advancing the communication and exchange of experiences between universities of the two countries, and possibilities to share knowledge in scientific research results, to improve the transfer of knowledge and exchange of personnel.